How to kill a tree?

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>I hope planting trees gets as much attention as this thread, but
>nevertheless I would like to share the following experience with you.
>My father was annoyed by the multitude of roots in his lawn of his
>favorite Prunus serrulata. A friend told him to put copper nails in
>the roots to let them disappear. Well, he was right. The roots
>disappeared... because the tree died after a few months...
>Was my father just unlucky, or is copper really this bad for trees?
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>Your dad was a wise man. Copper sulfate is very poisonous to plant and
man. Ever heard of Copper Hill, NC? There copper was mined and
extracted from ore. The contamination killed all vegetation around that
little grass, no trees, nothing but people that
eventually got very sick. To this day very few trees emerged, about 20
years since the EPA cleaned the smelter up. But grass still doesn't
thrive there. I would be suspicious of the ground aquifers having been
contaminated as well.

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