Histochemical staining advise

Dr Leonard N. Bloksberg L.Bloksberg at genesis.co.nz
Sun Feb 18 22:38:18 EST 1996

First, thanks to those who recomended D. A. Johansen's book
"Plant Microtechnique" (McGraw Hill, NY 1940) as a manual
for histochemical staining plant material to differentiate
phloem and xylem.  I have found many protocols which appear
to meet my needs.
	Now I have some questions.  Many of the protocols call
Picric acid (highly explosive) and chromic acid (delequescent
and carcinogenic).  I may not even be able to get these chemicals
and would like to avoid them anyway.
	The picric acid is usually used as picric acid saturated 
alcohol to resolve safranin stained tissue.  Can I substitute 
a little nitric acid, or nitric acid and phenol instead?
	The chromic acid is used to macerate tissue as a solution
of 10% nitric acid and 10% chromic acid.  Can I substitute 
10% sulfuric for the chromic to macerate woody tissue to view
cell types?
	Please send responses directly to my email address.  Thanks
Lenny Bloksberg
L.Bloksberg at genesis.co.nz

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