Zebrina - Wandering Jew question

David T. Witkowski dtwitkowski at ucdavis.edu
Sat Feb 17 01:38:14 EST 1996

I inherited a couple of Zebrina a while ago, they'd been let to grow out
quite long and didn't really have a lot of root in relation to the amount
of plant.  So I began cutting them back and experimenting with propagating
the cuttings.  (FYI, cuttings in soil aren't nearly as viable as cuttings
that have first been started in a jar of water.  Anyway...)

I've noticed that the some branching has begun, but I've been unable to
figure out what causes this to occur.  Some references refer to
"pinching."  But I've noticed that branches only start where there are
root nubs.  So first of all just what is meant by pinching?  Does that
mean pinch (lightly crush?) the entire diameter of the stalk, or just one
side?  Should I pinch right at the root nubs, or to one side of them?

Email responses appreciated.



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