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Fri Feb 23 05:33:50 EST 1996

>>I have started to *autoatering* my plants with a *wttex*(such whic is 
>>used to suck up water from a sink´s surface.
>>I have cut it to strips and dipped one end into a can with  water beside 
>>the plant,and the other end in the plants soil.
>>Now i am wondering:If i add nutrition in the water:will it be delievered
>>through the wettex material?
>>If not:What kind of material is able to,and proper for the use?
>The nutrition,in this case,is:
>Which of these is able to be transported.
>-In the material i mentioned?
>- In a more proper material (proposed)?
>Regards Anders Fransson
Well, since this transport is exclusively by capillary force (suction between 
fibres), and the material of the wettex presumably has no extensive 
interaction with any of these ions (I assume it is a synthetic fibre), there 
should be no problems in the transport. One thing which might occur is 
evaporation of water which might cause some crystallisation of salts along 
the edges. Be aware that (if it is exposed to light) you will get some nice 
algea growing in the fibers. 

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