Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at
Thu Feb 22 13:17:55 EST 1996

m-19234 at (see email.) wrote:

>I have started to *autoatering* my plants with a *wttex*(such whic is 
>used to suck up water from a sink´s surface.

>I have cut it to strips and dipped one end into a can with  water beside 
>the plant,and the other end in the plants soil.

>Now i am wondering:If i add nutrition in the water:will it be delievered
>through the wettex material?

>If not:What kind of material is able to,and proper for the use?

>Regards Anders Fransson 

You can never get the precise watering required by plants from any
wick type watering system.
Hydroculture is time proven and with the proper substrate cannot be


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