Request American English Enzyme Names

Fri Feb 23 11:29:17 EST 1996

Meicelase - a product of Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd., 8, Kyobashi 2-Chome, 
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  I do not know if this is still available.  It is 
a cellulase.  If you cannot find this try Cellulase "Onozuka" R10 from 
Yakult listed below.

Macerozyme R10 - a product of Yakult Pharmaceutical, 1-1-19, 
Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105, Japan.  Their fax no. is (03) 
3574-7254.  It costs $39/10 g.  It is a pectinase.

Rhozyme HP150 - a product of Rhome & Haas, Springhouse, PA, 19002 - I do 
not have a phone number but the area code is 215. I do not know if it is 
still available, but it was used as a hemicellulase.

CPW13M Medium - Cell 
Protoplast Wash Medium with 13% mannitol - 1st 
published by Frearson et al. (Dev. Biol. 33:130-137, 1973).  This medium 
is not sold but must be made from various stock solutions. 

R. Niedz
Research Geneticist
Orlando, FL

On 22 Feb 1996 THORN at wrote:

> Hello,
>  I would very much appreciate it if you could provide
> the American equivalents to:
> Meicelase
> Macerozyme R10
> Rhozyme HP150
> CPW13M Medium
> The source that I found this information in was written by British 
> authors (Power and Chapman in RA Dixon ed, Plant cell culture, IRL Press) 
> and I cannot find these substances in various US catalogues such as Sigma 
> and Calbiochem.  I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.
>  Lana Vu
>  High School Senior Research student
> e-mail for replies to lvu at
> Thank you for assisting this student.
> Regards,
> Toby Mogollon Horn, Ph.D.			*THE DNAHAND*   
> Life Science and Biotechnology Laboratory			<thorn at>
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