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>>I have started to *autoatering* my plants with a *wttex*(such whic is 
>>used to suck up water from a sink´s surface.
>>I have cut it to strips and dipped one end into a can with  water beside 
>>the plant,and the other end in the plants soil.
>>Now i am wondering:If i add nutrition in the water:will it be delievered
>>through the wettex material?
>>If not:What kind of material is able to,and proper for the use?
>>Regards Anders Fransson 
>The nutrition,in this case,is:
>Which of these is able to be transported.
>-In the material i mentioned?
>- In a more proper material (proposed)?
>Regards Anders Fransson
"Wettex" (the real stuff, not a plastic substitute) seems to
be a  cellulose material with a great affinity for water and
with no ion exchange properties.  It should carry all the
mineral nutrients without any problem. You will have to make
the nutrient solution very weak (perhaps 1/10 of the usual
concentration for hydroponics) so that nutrients do not
build up in the soil.  The main problem with your set-up is
that the nutrients will let algae grow in the wicks and
cans.  They may need to be protected from the sun.

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