RNA isolation from plants

Xiao-Hui Wang xhwang at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 27 19:29:13 EST 1996

Hi there,

I have isolated Arabidopsis total RNA using "RNeasy Plant Total RNA Kit" 
produced by QIAGEN Co. It works well, fast (1 hr for 1 sample, 12 samples 
about 3 hrs) and giving no degradation. I suggest you purchase a smallest 
KIT packege to have a try: Cat. No. T4903 RNase TM (Plant). It contains 20 
KITs. (At begining it costed only $50, recently it has become $80/pkg). 

Xiaohui Wang

Has anyone had any experience with commercial kits from rapid isolation of
total or poly-A+ Rna from plant tissue? If so, what is your experience?
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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