foliar Feeding with Micronutrients -- How Well Does It Work???

Frank W. Kafer kafer at
Wed Feb 28 03:05:46 EST 1996

There are several products on the market that are applied as sprays
for foliar feeding. The claims are astounding:: 275 pound
watermelons; four to five two-pound peppers from one plant every
week; twice as many, twice as large flowers, etc. You have seen the
pictures in the ads.

Question: is there any really scientific research, experiments with
control groups, that demonstrate that foliar feeding with anything
actually produces better, larger, healthier, more productive plants?
Are foliar applied micronutrients really as effective, or nearly so,
as advertised? Is foliar application of dilute NPK really effective?

If so, what are the mechanisms within the plant that make foliar
feeding effective? (Or, is it as a friend suggested, the spray runs
off into the pot or ground and finally gets into the plant through
the roots, as is normal?)

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