Effect of cigarette smoke on plants

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Thu Feb 29 16:09:02 EST 1996

To whom it may concern,

   My name is Amber Latoof. I am a 8th grade student at Mendoino Middle
school in northern California.  I am doing a project on the effect of
cigarette smoke on different kinds living plants. I picked this project
because I had done project having to do with plant in the past that I was
interested in.

    I am also interested in any knowledge you might know about my subject
or any good web sites or other locations where such information may be
found  if so it would be greatly appreciated. Our schools library and
resources are very limited. Please write back to me at search at mcn.org.

 Things I already know:     

1) plants respirate
2) the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on human lungs
3) what cigarettes are

Things I would like to know:

1) how do plants respirate?
2) what is cigarette smoke?
3) how is cigarette smoke different from other types of smoke?

We here at MMS are putting together a list of previously written letters
by subject matter, and would be happy to add your correspondence to the
list if you give your approval. You need to tell us  whether or not you
wish to include your name and/or return e-mail address with the letters so
that other students who are interested in the topic in the future might
get in touch with you or at least know who wrote the letter.

If you would like to see previously written letters, they are at the
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under the curriculum section,by Mitch Sprague

         Thank you, 
            Amber Latoof

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