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Thu Feb 29 13:46:44 EST 1996

To whom it may concern,

I am an 8th grade school attending the Mendocino Middle school, on the
coast of Northern California. I am doing a project on succulents grafting
(cactus etc). I once saw a National Geographic presentation on cacti
grafting and it seemed like a very interesting topic for a project.
Because of that presentation I have decided to conduct this experiment. So
far I have found nothing about this process, concerning succulents. I have
only been able to find information on the grafting of fruit trees etc. 

My main question is: 
How do you graft a cactus? 
Here are some more specific questions I would like answered if possible...

1. What are some of the different slits/cuts used when grafting cacti?
2. What are the most common types of cacti used for grafting?
3. What are the tools used when grafting cacti?

I already know: 
€A lot about cactus¹ them selves; their structures, etc. 
€I know many of the different slits used for grafting trees such as; a
cleft, a splice, a whip or tongue, and a saddle.

If you have any information concerning this topic it would be greatly
appreciated. I am also interested in any internet sites which may contain
information about my topic. 

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Thank You!
Solange Roberdeau

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