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Thu Feb 29 16:09:02 EST 1996

To whom it may concern,

   Hello, my name is Ryann Entwistle. I am an eighth grade student at the
Mendocino Middle school. Mendocino is a small town in northern California
on the coast. Mendocino is a small town with limited resorces. Although we
are using the Library, there is lack of up-to-date refrences for my

   I am doing a project on phototropism and how light effects plant
growth. I am doing this project because I like growing plants and I was
interested in this subject. At home I am doing an experiment with plants
and what happens when they  don¹t get a sufficient amount of light.

Things I already know:
   I already know that a tropism is the way a plant moves or bends.
Therefor phototropism is the way a plant bends toward the light. During my
experiment I have realized that the covered plant is growing better
because it must streach upward to reach the light.

Things I would like to know:
   I would like to know more about phototropism, because of our small
Library I did not get a sufficient definition. I also would like to know
if fruit/vegetable plants would react differently than flower plants.

   Since our school does have full internet acces, I appreciate any good
web sites that I could find information on my topic that you know of.  
   If you are interested in writing me back with information, please do so
at search at At the Mendocino Middle School we are putting together
a list of previoulsy written letters by subject matter, and that we would
be happy to add your correspondence to the list if you give your approval.
You also need to tell me whether or not you wish to include your name or
return e-mail address with the letters so that other students interested
in this topic might be able to contact you.

   If you would like to see previouly written letters, they are at the
Electronic Dialogue Achive (EDA) being compiled at

 under the curriculum section, by Mitch Sprague.

   Thank you for your time. Your help is greatly appreciated.
         Sincerely, Ryann Entwistle

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