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Henriette Kress HeK at hetta.pp.fi
Mon Jan 1 04:03:58 EST 1996

Some corrections and additions...

In article <4c809c$5ev at peach.america.net>, ranger at america.net says...
>wild oats = 
over here that would be Avena fatua, which is a weed in the oats 
fields, much higher than A.sativa, and they _really_ try to erase 
it... they have people walk thru fields and rip out every single 
A.fatua they see. Could be another species over there.

>tea tree  =  the common tea is Thea sinensis and related 
>   species

... tea tree is NOT Thea sp. but Melaleuca sp. - I guess you'd say
tea bush if you meant Thea.

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