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Scott Ranger ranger at america.net
Mon Jan 1 01:51:24 EST 1996

cherry polum = Prunus ceracifera Ehrh., native of sw Asia
impatiens = Impatiens balsamina L. is the  source of the common 
   garden impatiens.
rock rose = many species in the genus Cistus
cerato = ???
agrimony = many species in the genus Agrimonia
rock water = ???
scleranthus = ???
walnut =  numerous species in the genus Juglans, J. regia is 
   the common cultivated walnut.
water violet = Hottonia palustris of Europe and Asia
white, red chestnut = chestnuts are in the genus Castanea
wild oat =  ??? too many common names to extend a guess here
wild rose  =  Rosa is the genus for roses, but the species 
   called wild are usually local species, here in the eastern 
   US it is most commonly R.rugosa
collards  =  a cultivar in the genus Brassica, the mustards
turnips =  Brassica napa
tempeh  = ???
boston ivy  = ??? true ivy is in the genus Hedera
caladium = Caladium bicolor or C. x hortulanum called Angel's 
   wings, elephant's ears and heart of Jesus
castor ivy  =  ??? castor beans, with leaves that resmble a 
   huge ivy leaf, are Ricinus communis
chokeberry  =  Aronia melanocarpa for black, and A. arbutifolia 
   for red
emerald duke  =  ???
split-leaf rhododendron  =  ??? but rhododendrons are in the 
   genus Rhododendron of which there are a jillion 
   horticultural names
gerbils  =  not a plant, and there are about a dozen genera    
   with 100 species of gerbils.Meriones unguiculatus is the 
   popular pet species here in the US 
tea tree  =  the common tea is Thea siniensis and related 
poison ivy  =  Toxicodendron radicans (syn: Rhus radicans)
green clay  =  ???
red clover  =  Clovers are in the genus Trifolium of which 
   numerous are called red, but T. pratense L. is probably the 
   most frequent called red clover

Hope you find this useful.

Scott Ranger, Georgia Botanical Society

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