Please answer my questions and send some info

Janice Agur jagur at AWINC.COM
Wed Jan 3 15:27:07 EST 1996

        Hi my name is Alesha Agur and I am doing a science fair project to
test if: "Do all plants transpire at the same rate under different sources
of light?"
I was surfing the net searching for info, and the subject: porometers came
up! Under stomata at MIT.EDU it said: "Hi everyone, I am using a steady state
portable porometer to measure stomatal conductance and transpiration in
Arabidopsis. I was using a clamp with..."
        so... I got your email and decided to write you letter.
   So... Is an Arabidopsis a type of plant or what??? And what is a porometer???
Can porometers be used to measure transpiration rates in small houseplants???
The stomata is a part on the plant right?? Does the stomata have anything to
do with the reproduction cycle in the plant??? If you have any easier ways
of measuring transpiration rates in plants what are they??? 
        Please Contact me (Alesha Agur) at jagur at A.S.A.P!!
 Or send me some info through the mail at:
                        Alesha Agur
                        RR#1 19223 N. lakeshore dr.
                        Summerland, B.C. Canada
                        VOH 1ZO
        P.S. Where r u in the world????

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