Looking for hanging Lycopodium plants

Scott Russell srussell at ou.edu
Tue Jan 2 19:06:48 EST 1996

We are trying to grow Lycopodium at the University of Oklahoma under 
challenging conditions (the temperature range is from 60 in the winter to 100 
or so in the summer).  Our attempts to grow terrestrial species have been 
unsuccessful, likely because of this.  Therefore, we are asking for help 
finding tropical species for this purpose, which are commonly epiphytes.

If you have or know the whereabouts of such a plant, please email us at the 
address below.  We would be willing to buy or trade for a specimen that will 
live here.  We have about 350 species here, mostly out of systematics 
education interest.  This is for my graduate morphology of vascular plants 
class this spring.  Thanks in advance for your help!!

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