A good office plant.

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Thu Jan 4 15:44:47 EST 1996

Alan (arkrause at amherst.edu) wrote:
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: (Mike) wrote:

: > I was wondering if anyone knew of a good office plant I could buy. The
: catch is that
: > I work in front of a computer terminal and my work area has little light. 
: > types of plants that can live in low light and are easy to care for.
: Sanseveria (Snake plant or Sword plant) can't be beat. Tolerates low light
: and humidity. Requires little care. Will grow "up", not "out".

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: Alan
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 I have a similar problem, but found a Chinese Evergreen, to be good, 
more leafy than the snake plant, and I don't nkow how much space you have.
Mine eventually got spindly, and 1 1/2 feet tall, he had to retire at home.

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