Santolina ssp./cv.

Roger Bastin Bastinkk at
Thu Jan 4 19:24:10 EST 1996

Might be somebody out there that can help.

As a small nursery specialised in herbs and aromatic plants we serve a very knowledgable 
public. We have about 44 lavenders 50 origanums and 34 rosemaries in our collection.

 I have great difficulties with naming the genus Santolina. I've had so many misnamed 
varieties from other nurseries so far that it almost causes me bad dreams. If by chance 
someone knows something that might help, this would be very welcome.

 I've seen all synonyms; S. viridis, S. virens, S. rosmarinifolia, listed as different plants in 
catalogues especially in English nurseries. But in every referencebook I own they are piled 
under S. rosmarinifolia. So I don't find a backing for maintaining these varieties. In other 
words do you find that these names should be reintroduced? There are differences but are 
they big enough not only for ssp. or cv. arranging but for S. viridis, S. virens, S. 
rosmarinifolia to be different species? Below is a listing of what I have collected so far. 

Some of the other problems arising are; _Santolina rosmarinifolia ssp. canescens_ has 
never arrived as such but I assume this to be a possible name for this very distinct 
variety. It is green-glaucus with a very erect habit. The less cut leaves resemble 
Rosmarinus leaves more than any of the others.  _S. c. nana_ with its bushy habit and 
fast growt is more a _S. pinnata_ type than a _S. chamaecyparissus_ in my opinion, so 
far I never I've never seen it listed as such in any nursery around here. The _Santolina 
chamaecyparissus 'Small-Ness_ is green like _ S. rosmarinifolia_.

"Santolina chamaecyparissus"
"Santolina chamaecyparissus nana/Santolina chamaecyparissus var corsica"
"Santolina chamaecyparissus 'Small-Ness'"
"Santolina ŒLambrook Silver¹/S. chamaecyparissus ŒLambrook Silver¹"
"Santolina ŒLemon Queen¹/S. chamaecyparissus ŒLemon Queen¹"
"Santolina pinnata ŒEdward Bowles¹/S. pinnata ssp. neapolitana ŒEdward Bowles¹/S. 
chamaecyparissus ŒEdward Bowles¹"
"Santolina pinnata ssp. neapolitana"
"Santolina pinnata ssp. tomentosa/(S. chamaecyparissus ssp. tomentosa)"
"Santolina ŒPretty Carol¹/S. chamaecyparissus ŒPretty Carol¹/S. incana ŒPretty Carol¹ (org. 
"Santolina rosmarinifolia/(S. virens / S. viridis)"
"Santolina rosmarinifolia ssp. canescens"
"Santolina serratifolia"
"Santolina virens/(Santolina rosmarinifolia ssp. rosmarinifolia Index)"

Thank you in advance, with best wishes for 1996.

Roger Bastin
Kruidenkwekerij, V.O.F. Roger & Linda Bastin
Kruiden, Geurplanten en bijzondere tuinplanten
Trichterweg 148a, 6446 AT Brunssum, Nederland, 
Tel.: **31-45-5231475, Email; bastinkk at

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