Need help RE: germination of seed (Yucca)

Eric Nitardy ericn at
Fri Jan 5 00:11:02 EST 1996

johnston at (Peter Johnston) wrote:

>I'm trying to grow Yucca plants from seed and need to know the best
>time, soil, water,etc conditions. for doing same. The Yucca is not
>native to my area (Alberta) so I'm planning to start them indoors.
>Also need to know the lowest temp they can survive over winter.

Yucca glauca is dependably hardy in St. Paul, MN and some distance
further north. Yucca filamentosa will winter here only in protected
locations. In climate as cold as ours yuccas lose most of their
previous years foliage and resprout from the stock near the ground;
thus it is temperature near the ground under a layer of snow that
matters. I doubt that the temperature at such a point ever gets below
-15 C around here, whereas the air temperature can dip to -35 C.  I
expect that wintering Yuccas is easier if planted in a very sharply
drained soil since root rot contributes to most loses.

Seed germination is easy without pretreatment at 20 dregrees C.
Presoaking might help.


Eric Nitardy
St. Paul, MN
ericn at

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