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>        I am wondering if you could please send me any of your thoughts on 
>what would be good examples (living) of medicinal plants to show 

... where do you live? Over here in Finland the only medicinals I could
go get right now (from under the snow...) is Juniperus communis, or
Pinus sylvestris, or Picea abies. Could make a syrup of green twigs 
I guess... if I hadn't done that early last summer when the twigs had 
new growth.

Come May I could go get fresh Hepatica leaves (which I won't because
the species is endangered), or fresh nettles (Urtica) (which I will 
anyway because it tastes great), or fresh this or that... lots of 
stuff available when nature is green. show students. Try Meadowsweet flowers and flowerbuds 
(Filipendula ulmaria), or Valeriana root (tehehe) or Dandelion leaves 
or root (Taraxacum) - have your students feel, smell, and TASTE these. 
Either fresh, or dried, or as a tea, or as a tincture. (BTW another 
post in this thread mentioned Digitalis... don't let them taste 
that one. I wouldn't. And haven't. 
Michael Moore probably has, though... experiences? Just how toxic
is the stuff, and what are the effects?)

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