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Don Kellett (icfke at wrote:
: I have run into a dead end in a search for toxicity and/or exposure
: information for plants and the following list of organic chemicals. 
: Any information or references provided would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks in advance, 

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: butylbenzylphthalate
: di-n-butylphthalate
: 4,4'DDE
: 4,4'DDT
: anthracene
: benzo[b]fluoranthene
: fluoranthene
: naphthalene
: phenanthrene
: pyrene

Well, for openers, anyone who ships them has to supply a MSDS, a 
Material Safety Data Sheet, and thereon is the CAS registry #, 
toxicological info, etc 

z.B., my free Aldrich catalog entry for "Pyrene"

	[129-00-0]   FW 202.26   mp 149-151   Beil 5,693    Fieser 4,414  
	Merck Index 11,7977    NMR 2(1),770A FT-IR 1(1),967B  
	Safety 2,2988A     RTECS# UR2450000    Disp. A

which are the CAS #, the formula weight, the melting point, the Beilstein 
reference, the flash point, the Merck Index reference, the Aldrich 
Library of NMR/FT-IR Spectra references, the Sigma-Aldrich Library of 
Chemical Safety Data reference, the Reference to Registry of Toxic 
Effects of Chemical Substances, and the Waste Disposal Guidelines reference  

Granted this tox info is animal-based, but once you have the CAS # you can
search any of the databases for plant toxicities, CAOnline, BIOSIS, CABI,
etc.  Sounds like you're anticipating problems of some kind - good luck!


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