Req: Windowbox suggestions

Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at
Sat Jan 6 14:31:07 EST 1996

bartel at (Holly Bartel) wrote:

>As superintendents of an apartment building in Boston, my husband need
>to beautify the window boxes.  One side of the building gets very little
>light, only 2-3 hours direct, during the summer.  Most of the time the
>windowboxes will be shaded.  Any good suggestions?  I was hoping to find
>some flowering plants combined with some "ivy-type" plants to create
>some color, height and textural differences.  Many thanks in advance,
>I've never done windowbox gardening before - Holly

Windowbox gardening can be fun and easy if you stick with the basic
hydroponic and/or hydroculture techniques as described in numerous
volumes of textbooks at the library.  For annuals and blooming plants
use hydroponics, for the ivy and perennial plants go with proven
hydroculture techniques.


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