Rose of Jericho

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at
Sun Jan 7 02:22:39 EST 1996

>Rose of Jericho (Anastatica hierochuntica) is one of the resurrection

Another name for those sort of plants is 'tumble weed' - quite well known on 
your side of the ocean I believe :-)  In fact I think the "Rose of Jericho" 
that can be bought is more often a SELAGINELLA species from Mexico. 
Selaginella is a fern, but belonging to a very seperate group. It makes male 
and female spores, the female ones being relatively big and not unlike seeds - 
protected against a hostile climate.

I wonder, is this Selaginella being grown somewhere for the market, or is it 
just robbed from nature ?

bye, Marco

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