pomegranate info?

Mark and Kathy Wilson wilson at cais2.cais.com
Sun Jan 7 23:01:31 EST 1996

LongBrian at aol.com wrote:
: To whom it may concern:  
: I am looking for any information about pomegranate (fruit) development.
:  Also, any in-depth descriptions of the fruit itself would be appreciated.  I
: am planning on scanning in cross-sections of a pomegranate to use as data
: points in an attempt at making a 3D model of the fruit.  Thank you.   -brian
: long

 a thought on making a 3-D model would be to get a hollow ball, about 3 
inches in diameter, cut in half. Then fil ping pong balls with 
ball-bearings. place the ping-pong balls filled with the smaller balls, 
and place them inside the larger ball. Get the idea???


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