pomegranate info?

Mark and Kathy Wilson wilson at cais2.cais.com
Sun Jan 7 22:57:28 EST 1996

LongBrian at aol.com wrote:
: To whom it may concern:  
: I am looking for any information about pomegranate (fruit) development.
:  Also, any in-depth descriptions of the fruit itself would be appreciated.  I
: am planning on scanning in cross-sections of a pomegranate to use as data
: points in an attempt at making a 3D model of the fruit.  Thank you.   -brian
: long

 the only thing I do know about them is the fruit, enjoy them very much.

Difficult to describe but here goes-
 After you peel off the rind (the redish covering skin) you will see 
whitish to yellowishish skin, also peel this away to find small caverns 
(1 inchh in diameter) filled with smaller 3 mm. size red cranberry 
colored fruit pulp, each containg a seed! Believe me there are hundreds.
Very hard to eat, to fill ones belly! I usually gather a spoonfull of 
them put them in my mouth, and chew on the fruits, spitting out the seeds.

The juice is tartish, but enjoyable, oh and also the juice stains easily, 
so have a napkin real close by!

any more questions, e-mail I 'll try to help.

I have no idea where or how they are grown, only that to buy them in 
Maryland,USA, you can usually only find them in October, and the rice is 
$2.49 each, for a whole fruit being the size of a small grapefruit!(if lucky)

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