Dusty miller

stephen fitzgerald stephenf at netspace.net.au
Tue Jan 9 08:26:18 EST 1996

Rick Young <ryoung at deakin.edu.au> wrote:
>According to the Encyclopaedia Botanica by Frances Bodkin published by 
>Angus and Robertson the common name 'dusty miller' is used to describe...
>Centaurea cinerea
>Lychnis coronaria
>Senecio maritima 
>Spyridium bifidum
>and growing in my local area in Australia, Spyridium parvifolium.
>I think this highlights the danger of relying on common names when 
>identifying plants! 

Thanks for that Rick! - When I posted that question regarding Dusty 
Miller it was a PS to a note about the problems of relying on common 
names. I didn't think that it would actualy be taken seriously in the 
context of the note ...but it was !... and it solicited a host of helpful 

thanks for all the replies - they helped prove the point.

Steve Fitzgerald

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