Medicinal Herbs and Plants. Any Suggestions?

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> We've got a section of land that I would like to make into an herb
> garden.  It will have a great variety of culinary herbs but I would
> like some suggestions for herbs of medicinal value in either Middle 
> Ages or modern times (no illegal ones, please).  The more exotic 
> the better.
> Here of some examples of what I will have soon:
> Aloe Vera
> Comfrey
> Chamomile
> Deadly Nighshade
> Foxglove
> Jimsonweed
> Rue
> Valerian
> Please post or E-mail anything you would have if you were planning on
> doing this.  Thanks!
> -G.

where are you? that could make a big difference.
Cornell University in Ithaca, NY has a wonderful herb garden,
with sections such as: culinary, medicinal, historical, etc. 
maybe they'd have suggestions.

ginseng grows well in woodlands.
echinacea spp. (purple coneflower) is a beautiful prairie plant 
that is supposed to be a big immune booster.
WARNING: comfrey is supposed to be very aggressive!

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