germination and vigour tests in linseed and flax

Wed Jan 10 10:46:24 EST 1996

Can anyone help us please.

We have a suspicion that some of our seed lots germinate 
better than others under drying conditions in the field and would like 
to develop a routine procedure to check this out in the lab.

We've tried germinating seeds with something like the standard 
ISTA test - on pleated filter papers in enclosed dishes - but with a 
reduced volume of water added, but we find it is very difficult to get 
a sufficiently small volume of water uniformly distributed over the 
filter paper.

We are reluctant to carry out germinations in sand or other medium 
because of the same problems of getting uniform water distribution and
because of the increased effort required in setting the tests up.

We're considering trying to germinate the seed on pleated filter papers 
with a solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and water or of 
magnesium sulphate and water to increase osmotic potential and so put 
the seed under water stress while allowing us to add a larger amount of 
liquid to the dishes.

Does anyone have any experience of vigour tests such as this in linseed 
or any other species? Does anyone know of references which would be
worth following up? Does anyone have any better ideas?


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