tobacco seed bank

joseph c winter jwinter at
Thu Jan 11 16:10:48 EST 1996

I have a living seed bank at the University of New Mexico, that 
specializes in traditional Native American tobacco varieties -- i.e., 
types of tobacco raised and collected by Native Americans, for use in 
rituals, offerings, ceremonies, and other traditional contexts.

If you are a Native American and you would like the seeds of your 
tribe's tobacco so that you can grow it for religious and other 
traditional uses, then contact me, and I will send some seeds (and leaves 
if I have them) at no cost. All I ask is that you spread the word about 
the seed bank.

Also, if you seeds of one or more traditional Native American tobacco 
types, please send me some, so that I can add them to the bank. I will 
then grow them, save the fresh seeds, and send them to other tribal 
members, upon request. This service is being offered to any Native 
American, as long as he or she agrees to use the resulting tobacco for 
traditional purposes. Remember -- tobacco is a powerful plant that kills 
when it is not used properly.

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