Looking for hanging Lycopodium plants

dr bala kampoyak at kampoyak.singnet.com.sg
Fri Jan 12 07:05:36 EST 1996

> If you have or know the whereabouts of such a plant, please email us at the 
> address below.  We would be willing to buy or trade for a specimen that will 

> live here.  We have about 350 species here, mostly out of systematics 
> education interest.  This is for my graduate morphology of vascular plants 
> class this spring.  Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Dear Russel

We will able to help in exchanging or purchase with our library mountainous / 
high altitude in tropics type of  lycopodium(s) which will suitable to your 
lowest 45 Deg. F and highest 120 d. F

Please provide us with your list so we can select the / our requireed for 

Fax: (65)-7653293 Singapore

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