Medicinal Herbs and Plants. Any Suggestions?

Mat Page kebl0145 at
Thu Jan 11 22:00:30 EST 1996

Dear Fellow plant lover, 

I would be happy to set up a correspondence with you about this matter. 
Please ask more specific questions especially as my speciality is 
Chinese Herbal Medicine. We all know that alternative herbal medicines 
work, especially whan it comes to curing cancer and AIDS (see latest 
Nature article , Jan 11th). I suggest sage - as it is a potent 
anti-microbial agent, good for the system. Its leaves can be dried and 
soaked in water for 24 hrs to cure skin and mouth infections. It is said 
that people who have sage in their beautiful gardens never have to see a 
doctor, unless, of course, they fall of one of the trees (ha-ha; another 
reason for not having trees in your garden - they take up too many 
nutritients out of the soil). Sage - a good idea! Shrubs rule!

So please don't hesitate to ask any more questions>

Yours botanically


..and remember:"My garden is your garden"
														   											by Dendro Shrub

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