Planting large numbers of trees

Mark W Stephens markws at
Mon Jan 15 23:37:20 EST 1996


I live on a lot that borders about 12 acres of woods.  The city is going to 
remove about 5 acres to build a storm water detention basin.  They did want to 
cut down all of the trees, but we put up a good fight, and saved over half of 

Anyway, I want to let the woods reclaim half our back yard.  Being impatient, 
I want to rush the process by planting seedlings or saplings of the native 
trees that grow in our area.  This includes white ash, sugar maple, white oak, 
black cherry, red maple, hickories...  I am planning to space the trees about 
10 feet apart, since this seems to be the average spacing of healthy trees in 
the woods.  I am also wanting to plant some fast growing River Birch to 
provide quick shade and cover for wildlife while some of the slower, but more 
shade tolerant, trees are reaching for the sky.  Does anyone here have any 
similar experiences that they would like to share?  Just opinions or comments 
are most welcome. The books or articles that I have gotten my hands on never 
discuss this kind of planting.  Thanks!


markws at (Mark W Stephens) - Cincinnati, OH  Zone 5

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