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Tomás Jervell Tomas.Jervell at individual.puug.pt
Thu Jan 18 17:04:47 EST 1996

Otterbrook wrote:
> I have nearly 200 used, out-of-print & rare books for sale.  They all deal
> with some aspect of forestry and botany.  This is a new & major revision
> of my earlier catalog & includes about 80 additional titles, and reduced
> prices on most of the unsold titles from the first list.
> The list is in Text format, and downloads in less than a minute.  Complete
> ordering instructions, and ID info about me are included.  If you are
> interested, Email for a copy to:  <otterbrook at aol.com>do you have anything about conifer identification?
If so my e-mail is Tomas.Jervell at individual.puug.pt
luis jervell

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