Flower in Blue or Black

Christoph Metelmann chandvel at inet.uni-c.dk
Sat Jan 20 16:26:02 EST 1996

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  ayeongcw%singnet.com.sg at singnet.com.sg  writes:

> Hi!
> Can anybody tell me is there flower in blue or black colour? I mean
> naturally not by artificial culture method.
> If not, what are the reasons? I have not seen any blue or black real
> flowers in my life.
> I am very curious to know the anwers. Appreciate if anyone can reply me.
Well, how many flowers in blue do you want?  The list is rather long.
To name a few: Gentiana, Campanula, Iris, Blue-eyed grass, Delphiniums,
Violets, Gilia, Polemonium, Hydrophyllum, Phacelia, Veronica, Lupinus,

The blackest I have seen was spots on the bottom of the petals of tulips,
mariposa lillies, and also on Fritillaria.  --  Chris

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