Ravenea xerophila

Henk Henk
Tue Jan 23 05:19:28 EST 1996

Mike Maxson <MAXSON at pe.net> writes:

>I am interested in talking with other people who are growing
>this palm that comes from Madagascar.
>The plant that I have is small 6in. high. about five leaves
>I water this palm very little(once every two weeks at the most)
>It seems to grow best in the warm summer months here in S. 
>California. It still puts out new growth in the winter, slowly.
>please respond if your are growing this palm or have any 
>information on this palm.

One of my favourite palms! I saw it in the wild in southern
Madagascar and it is utterly beautiful. It thrives on ridge
crests on quite poor soils, in dry bushland, but I think it
is confined to ridgecrests because it likes the moisture of
the clouds - like a fine spray ever so often! (not too often,
though - it is a really semi-arid area with succulent Euphorbs
and Aloes)
Check out the book on Madagascar palms which has a photo of
a mature R. xerophila. 

Unashamed plug, this - I'm co-author. 


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