Biogeography & Ecology of Aspen in Rockies and Great Basin ?'s...

Patrick Miller pcmiller at
Wed Jan 24 02:32:52 EST 1996

I am doing a Senior Capstone paper on The Biogeography and Ecology of
Populus Tremuloides (Trembling Aspen) in the Rocky Mountain and Great
Basin Regions.  I have one problem... I live in Oklahoma without any
living representatives.  This will be written from text research. I
may possibly get a chance for a very limted time of field research,
however it will be insignificant by comparison for the body of the
paper.  If anyone has recommendations on sources for information,
persons to email, or anything you can share that may be relevant,
please email me.

Thanks in advance, 

email: pcmiller at

irc: planted ~@ppp*

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