Large,old jade plant in trouble.

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Tue Jan 23 17:17:32 EST 1996

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>We have a very large old jade tree plant that is iin trouble. It had a
>minor infestation with scale which seems to be taken care of. At least
>no scale is evident. But it is droppoing leaves and has a black mildew
>like substance in many places and just looks "sick."  It would be very
>difficult to repot, but wonder if something could be causing problem
>in soil (or lack of something). It is watered once a week, with
>fertilizer every other week. Any suggestions much appreciated as I
>would really hate to lose this beautiful plant.

>>I too lost my Jade plant. It would not support itself upright, and
the props were not sufficient. It finally wilted away despite my
repotting and soil conditioning. I wonder if these plants have a life
expectancy problem, or if a viral or bacterial infection gets to it.
I too would like an answer from anyone with experience out there.
Thanks..........d_micro at

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