Kleco pulveriser users?

Michelle.Gleeson at SMTPGWY.AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU Michelle.Gleeson at SMTPGWY.AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU
Wed Jan 24 18:40:53 EST 1996

     Dear netters,
        I am interested in buying a Kleco pulveriser to grind leaves for 
     total nucleic acid extraction.  Does anyone out there use one of these 
     machines, or know of anything similar.  I would appreciate any 
     comments as I would have to import one to even try it out.  Direct 
     e-mail responses would be best as I don't subscribe to this newsgroup.
     Thanks in advance,
     Michelle Gleeson
     NSW Agriculture Biological and Chemical Research Institute
     Sydney, Australia
     e-mail:  gleesom at agric.nsw.gov.au

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