Plant Molecular Biology Grad Programs ... HELP!

Kenneth J McNeil mcnei002 at
Thu Jan 25 00:04:37 EST 1996

macnevin at Jeffrey MacNevin ) writes:

>I am a graduate of UCSD in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience.  But my
>interests have changed over to molecular biology.  Only I would like to
>learn molecular biology with plants instead of animals.
>So, if anyone can e-mail me info on programs in plant molecular biology
>and suggestions for texts in Plant Physiology and molecular control, I
>would be very grateful.
>    Thank you,
>        Brian MacNevin
>        macnevin at

Are you sure you want to do it? Have you checked with anyone to see what 
the job market is for grad students coming out of plant biology programs? 
It isn't a very promising.

Basic text: Salisbury and Ross is widely used for plant physiology. 

Journals: The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology


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