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Dr Leonard N. Bloksberg L.Bloksberg at
Thu Jan 25 19:19:02 EST 1996

Jobs in plant research are about as rare now as they have ever been,
as far as I know, but there are some bright spot.  At the recent 
ASHS meeting in Montreal, I overheard several older faculty from
search commitees bemoaning the lack of applicants for their job 
openings.  They were complaining of 1 to 3 applicants for a job posted,
or having to re-post a job because the candidate was bought out by 
a company.  These were mostly in turf grass and floriculture.  There
were also some similar grumblings in the more applied areas of research,
true plant breeding, and the like.  There seem to be precious few jobs 
for basic research in plant molecular biology, and most universities are
reporting 100 to 400 applicants for each possition advertised right now.
Good luck to you and all those good people looking for a career in
plant science.

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