Transpiration Experiment Data

Roderick Ferguson rafergus at
Fri Jan 26 17:39:25 EST 1996

Hello, my name is Roderick Ferguson and I am currently carrying out an 
experiment investigating the effects of wind speed (or airflow)and surface 
area on the rate of transpiration.  By posting to this newsgroup earlier I 
received some extremely useful information to base my prediction on.  

I would really appreciate any secondary data for my experiment.  More 
precisely, I would appreciate any data that you know of from an experiment 
involving either surface area or wind speed.  I would be quite happy to 
receive even simple information to do with the specific relationship (ie 
proportionality or an equation) between either surface area or wind speed and 
the rate of transpiration.  

Thank you in advance for your kind responses,

Roderick Ferguson

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