Houseplants purifying the air

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> Hi:
> I saw a program on PBS recently about using houseplants to purify the
> air.  It was based a meeting with Dr. Wolverton of NASA.  At one point
> he demonstrated a system which improved the efficiency of the plant
> purification by 25 times (or at least that's what I think he said).
> Can anyone give me more information on this?
Why not try an old trick of British ale-houses of a few centuries 
ago which was to hang up a bale of straw or hay. All you are doing is 
presenting a huge surface area for pollutants to attach to. Even better, 
doesn't need watering. The "purification" by extra oxygen production of 
an indoor plant would probably take very sophisticated equipment to even 
Peter Harris,
Reading Univ. U.K.
(you don't know what we know until you ask).

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