Houseplants purifying the air

Larry Daley daleyl at
Tue Jan 30 19:13:06 EST 1996

R.G.S. Bidwell quite some years ago showed that carbon monoxide, as well 
as carbon dioxide, is processed by plants.  The products are essencially 
the same as with carbon dioxide fixation.  The reference I think was in 
the Canadian Journal of Botany in the 60s or 70s.

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On 30 Jan 1996, Michael L Roginsky wrote:

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> >Dr Judith Fliegmann (fliegm at wrote:
> >: Hi,
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> >: you should have a look at the following paper: Giese et al., 1994,
> Plant Physiology 104, 
> >: 1301-1309, if you want to get some informations about indoor air
> purification by spider 
> >: plants.
> >
> >: bye, Judith
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> >I also saw a seed catalog with a section titled "Plants that Remove 
> >Indoor Air Pollution." I think it was the SBE catalog somewhere on the
> WWW.
> >
> >>All plants will recycle CO2 by photosynthesis. The more leaves, and
> >>particularly the kinds that have porous leaves, the more air is
> >>enriched. Plants cannot assimilate CO, and neither can you get rid of
> >>it once CO bonds to a red cell. Fresh air (without smog) and smoke
> >>free environments will benefit you both! Micro...the only living one!

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