How to kill a tree?

tiburon at tiburon at
Tue Jan 30 22:28:57 EST 1996

I have wrestled with this problem for quite some time.  Killing trees to
me is like burning books, but I'm at the end of my rope (or branch).

There is a city pine tree which has grown out of control, has destroyed
the sidewalk and two drives, falling branches have damaged a dozen cars,
not to mention broken several home windows from the hard cones being
thrown in the wind.  How the city managers ever let this species be
planted is beyond me.

The city has refused to even prune the tree in over 15 years and will only
touch it if it is sick or dead.  I love trees and want to see something a
little more appropriate in its place, which the city would do, IF there
was something wrong with the one in place.

But now, how do we go about killing it clandestinely so that it wouldn't
be immediately apparent to the city?  Ideas?  People with similar


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