vital stain for protoplasts

Charles S Buer buer at WPI.EDU
Wed Jan 31 16:04:24 EST 1996


Several dyes work on the exclusionary basis.  Trypan blue, Evan's blue, 
and phenosafranine should all work.  I have only used trypan blue.  I 
plan to test the other two, but haven't received them as yet.  
Fluorescein diacetate could also be used, but a UV light source is 
necessary to observe the fluorescence of viable cells.
REF:  Widholm, J.M. 1972.  Stain Technology. 189-194.  They are all 
available from Sigma.  I don't know about neutral red.

Charles Buer
Biology/Biotechnology Dept.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Tony Travis wrote:

> Alyson Tobin wrote:
> > 
> > We are working with isolated barley leaf protoplasts and need to stain them
> > to test for intactness of the plasmamembrane. I'm sure there is a suitable
> > dye but can't remember the name of it . Can anyone help with a name,
> > supplier and/or reference for the method please?
> > Alyson Tobin (St Andrews University)
> I think the stain you want is neutral red (available from Sigma).
> 	Tony.
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