Japanese Knotweed?

Gerwin Kasperek gf1003 at mailserv.uni-giessen.de
Wed Jan 31 05:29:11 EST 1996

The scientific name of Japanese Knotweed is Reynoutria japonica HOUTT. 
(some of its synonyms are: Polygonum cuspidatum, Fallopia japonica, ...).
This plant originates from East Asia, and nowadays is widespred in Europe; 
its spreading is regarded a great problem by some nature conservationists 
and ecologists here.
There is much scientific literature about its spread and control, f.e.:
deWaal et al. (1994): Ecology and management of invasive riverside 
plants. Chichester.
Good luck!
Dipl.-Biol. G. Kasperek
Institut für Pflanzenoekologie
Universität Giessen
35392 Giessen

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