Question - Ficus Benj. bears fruit??

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Mon Jul 1 10:37:44 EST 1996

In article <fictitious.261.0004BDC5 at alias.incognito.myob>, fictitious at alias.incognito.myob (ima pseudonym) writes:
|> In article <4r7ijg$shi at> jjy at (James Yorton) writes:
|> >I have a Ficus Benj. that appears to be bearing some type of
|> >little berries.  They're green and appear in pairs. 
|> Most varieties of home garden edible fig tree are parthenocarpic,  ripening 
|> without pollination & without any viable seeds.

Just as a side note on _Ficus benjamina_, it is one of the common landscape
trees here in South Florida, my apt. complex has several planted along the
drives.  From what i heard, the pollinator wasp has finallly made it to
Florida in the past few years.  Having seen seedling _F. benjamina_ sprouting
from _Sabal palmetto_ boots i'd have to agree.  We may have another problem
tree on our hands...

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