Question - Ficus Benj. bears fruit??

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Mon Jul 1 04:44:26 EST 1996

In article <4r7ijg$shi at> jjy at (James Yorton) writes:
>I have a Ficus Benj. that appears to be bearing some type of
>little berries.  They're green and appear in pairs.  They're maybe
>one-eighth to one-quarter inch in diameter.  I've noticed about 3
>or 4 spots on the tree where this is occuring.
>It's about 3 feet tall and I've had it for 3 years.  It's quite
>What are these little berries?  I never saw any flowers.  Anyone

Figs are actually hollow inflorescences with many tiny flowers on the inside.  
[think of a compositae-type  disk turned into a hollow flask with only a small 

Yours won't ripen or produce seed without pollination [each of the 
hundreds of fig species has a symbiotic fig wasp that breeds in the figs and 
effects pollination; it is one of the most remarkable symbioses in nature].  

Most varieties of home garden edible fig tree are parthenocarpic,  ripening 
without pollination & without any viable seeds.

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