Question - Ficus Benj. bears fruit??

Helen+Paul nahrunh at
Tue Jul 2 02:07:57 EST 1996

Hi James

Yes that sounds like the fruits, they should go red then blackish 
eventually.  Figs bear their flowers inside the fruit so you wouldn't 
have seen them.  Tear one open and if it has lots of little (how do I 
describe it?) fluffy pointy bits (aaargh!) and is hollow then it most 
probably is the fruit.  If you have ever had a fresh edible fig (Ficus 
carica) and opened it you would have seen similar 'things' in the middle.

Paul K.

jjy at (James Yorton) wrote:
>I have a Ficus Benj. that appears to be bearing some type of
>little berries.  They're green and appear in pairs.  They're maybe
>one-eighth to one-quarter inch in diameter.  I've noticed about 3
>or 4 spots on the tree where this is occuring.
>It's about 3 feet tall and I've had it for 3 years.  It's quite
>What are these little berries?  I never saw any flowers.  Anyone

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