Biotechnologist seeking assistantship...

J. Rey Santos agrosoft at
Thu Jul 4 12:04:46 EST 1996

I am currently looking for a teaching or graduate assistantship in the
areas of biotechnology or molecular biology.  I have been doing research
in nitrogen fixation in grasses and had worked extensively with
Azospirillum in long-term bio-fertilizer study, and with Klabsiella
oxytoza and Enterobacter cloacae in various crops.  I am very familiar
with gene and QTL mapping, PCR amplification for organismic
fingerprinting, and several other rDNA techniques in plant breeding and
biosafety.  I also routinely do plant tissue culture in some of my

I would be glad to send a more detailed resume' to any one who is
interested in my qualifications.

Please address all e-mail correspondence to: tsjs at

Thank you very much.

Teofila Santos

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